Hello People you are at the Cross-word Junction, Here you are at a online game junction where you will test your vocabulary with number of synonyms you know and able to write the correct answers.

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Horizontal and vertical boxes are waiting for you to get them filled with the number of words making cross and letters linking to each other will make different words. Crossword is a puzzle game, it is a single player game in which you will be provided with a square containing number of sub-squares which are limited to number of blocks, some are numbered with white spaces to fill and some are black blocks which are not to be filled. Each numbered square will point its direction to the referred clue or hints that specify it direction either horizontal or vertical number of blocks will be given, according to that hint or clue you will see the number of blocks and according to both the number of letter required will make a word which fits into it. The entered word will become red if you entered a wrong guess and remain as entered same if correct.The score in window spider solitaire game usually starts with 500 points. Each move you make subtracts one from the 500.

These were some basic things which will be clear to you if you are new as a human can never be new to words as these things were first introduced in the form of newspaper jackpots as people reading newspapers are fond of filling daily and weekly puzzles which is equally same to it and it’s just a way of playing crossword offline. There are number of things which defines that crossword is more profitable to us but to be straight playing cross-word will eventually improve your vocabulary and knowledge about words. A word has different synonyms and while playing you will be able to know more words and with their same meanings.

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  • By playing you can be addicted to it if you are a learner.

These are the certain things which will help you to enhance your knowledge and aware of the things which are used in our daily life and there will be many times when you will face some new words and this is the only way to learn things freely as its your choice when to play , online crossword is available here for free all the time(24*7). Play here for free and enjoy the game of puzzles .